I love my country and I'm sure everyone falls in love with Portugal at first sight. I like to show to my couples the vineyards, castles, typical Portuguese places, and offer them the cuisine, music, good weather and hospitality that completes an entire Portuguese experience. I’m a proud mom and wife. I'm blessed, my family gives me a heart full of love that inspires me to work every day on the others happiness. I enjoy creating since my childhood. Moments, emotions, memories. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else that doesn’t have an artistic touch. Art has always been part of my life. When I was little, I wanted to be a ballerina. I loved the beauty in all those movements and, most of all, loved all what dancing made me feel: I felt fulfilled and happy, and felt that I could make others happy as well. I grew up and became a journalist that wrote stories that wanted to be memorable and touch people’s heart. Then, when I grew up a little more, I found my biggest passion: plan events where I could do everything that was important to me, which is to make other people happy and write with them a beautiful, unique, and memorable story. So, the path to make other people happy, that I have been for almost 20 years now, is what makes me the happy woman that I am. And that´s how OUI LOVE YOU started.



Since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to travel the world.
Even when I was a child, I already felt the world so big and diverse that I knew that as soon as I had the opportunity, I would go discover it all. Motivated to meet new people and different cultures, on this journey of discovery I’ve lived in several countries and built unforgettable experiences. Since then, I knew that being professionally fulfilled would involve connecting with different people from all over the world, with the idea of being able to help and be part of creating unique and memorable experiences.
I graduated in Switzerland in Hospitality Business and Events Management and later specialized and started my career in wedding planning.
I was able to bring together everything I like in the most special way possible. There is no better feeling than having a dream come true. What satisfies me the most as a Wedding Expert is being part of your dream which also becomes mine too. Each wedding is unique and special. It reflects the love, dedication, smiles, stories, desires and the journey of each of our couples. A little cliché, but almost like a real-life fairy tale! As a specialist in destination weddings, I will be your first contact, my job is to welcome you, get to know you, and together find the best place in Portugal to be the stage of your love story.
Being at Oui Love You allows me to go side by side with each couple on a new journey full of details, art and love for a lifetime! Shall we start this journey together?



From the stages to your wedding.
At 28 years old I have unleashed my passion for the dance to bring the best of myself and my art to your wedding.
To produce a reality from a dream is a challenge that I accept with respect and honor.
I love creating and I have an endless imagination. If you allow, my desire is to make your wedding unique and one of the happiest moments of your life, where you will share your love with me and your family.
Personally, I would love to have someone I can trust to make my dream come true just as I imagined it, that’s why I am here and predisposed to make yours come true.
In this company where art has a voice, I have made a path of which I am very proud, building so many beautiful stories with moments beyond memorable. This is what Oui Love You is and this is what I am.



I am a dreamer, enthusiastic, perfectionist and an eternal romantic person.
I believe that the most important thing in life is love. It’s magical how two people build such a deep connection and become the most important persons in each other's lives.
This love has made me dream since I was a little girl and today I am genuinely happy because I make dreams come true.
I am a very creative person and I just love to create beauty around the whole wedding day. Design and decoration are two things that I love and that I believe are fundamental to make an incredible wedding day.
For me, the most important thing as a wedding planner is that each wedding is unique and inspired by the couple's story. My mission is to make the vision of your perfect day come true in the best and unforgettable way possible.
I love being a wedding planner and being part of a wonderful family that is OUI LOVE YOU.



I will start with the most obvious perk about being a wedding planner… I love meeting couples and the opportunity to be part of their life in making a wonderful memory.
I love seeing the ideas, the colors, the flowers, the gowns and all this energy coming into a whole full vision! This is when my Indian genes kick in.
My mother was always the one that organized most of the events in my family, this is also a big reason why I got into wedding planning.
In the Indian culture, the details make the difference and my mother loved the details, I learned very early that there is no price for the reaction of our brides, grooms and families. The details bring out the magic of every event and memory made.
I have found a company that has the same vision as I do for the details, the memories, and the complete experience of a wonderful wedding. And that is how my path at Oui Love You is being made, with my Indian touch of magic.