OUI LOVE YOU Team has more than 10 years of experience and knowledge of all the important steps and details to create an unforgettable day. We are your wedding best friends, always with a smile on our faces and full of great advice, with creative and stylish ideas for a memorable party. We control your budget down to the smallest detail so that nothing gets out of the way. We will help you choose the most beautiful venue that reflects your personality and your story, the best catering and, we will assure you that all the key moments of the day are planned and coordinated with stringency. We have several options to fulfill all your needs for your marriage, with innovative ideas and exclusive prices. Everything from the conception of the whole event, with style creation according to your desires, onto the search for venues and services that align with your dream, passing through the possibility to create your personal wedding design, and ending with an amazing management coordination; with everything personalized at your image to provide you your dream day.

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For couples who need help and guidance throughout the process:

- Concept and style creation
- Total advisory, planning, and coordination service
- Recommendation and visits to several spaces and advice in the choice
- Recommendation and coordination of services and suppliers
- Assistance and total availability
- Permanent control of the budget
- Ideas for the several important moments of the day
- Creation and management of the timeline
- Coordination of the day


For couples who don't know how to get started or just need a little help:

- Advisory service, without coordination or accompaniment
- Help in creating the wedding concept
- Recommendation of venues and suppliers
- Suggestion of a timeline


For couples who have planned most of their wedding, but would like to enjoy the big day without any stress:

- Alignment of final details with all suppliers
- Creation of the timeline
- Coordination of all services on the wedding day


For couples who want to have a special day just the two of them:

- Recommendation and coordination of the ideal location and suppliers
- Full assistance and availability
- Creation of the timeline
- Coordination of all services on the wedding day