Every love story has its special place.
They are unique nooks, colors and features, they are vibrant sounds and scents that we call the perfect day.


There is a unique magic when exchanged the vows by the sea. The light and romantic freshness of a beach wedding is an idyllic setting for an unforgettable wedding. We are here on this side to give you a dream day! You only need to enjoy the sea breeze.


A wedding right in the town center is the right choice for those looking for a relaxed and modern atmosphere. In a terrace with a breathtaking view, in the coolest hotel of the capital or even in a centennial building in the historical center, we create a perfect harmony between an urban concept and a romantic setting, where every detail is illuminated by the brightness your love gives. In a monument, castle, belvedere or exclusive hotel. Venues with so much stories to tell. Choose one to tell yours.


Once upon a time... and lived happily ever after. These are the parts of the imagination of a child, when one dreams of the love of their life who one day on a white horse will swear that it is forever. It is here and now that this enchanting story comes true. Castles, palaces and mansions full of memories from the past and magical places with portals full of history. The shared love in the most beautiful of days demands a touch of mystery and romance in an exclusive setting. Live a true fairy tale, but with all the glitz of a modern novel.


There is a sparkle in the lake and beautiful gardens to be discovered. An idyllic setting to experience a romance. A perfect harmony between what you feel and what you see. A wedding as unique and exclusive as your love story is. It is the day, that day that remains forever, frozen in time, where you can return whenever your heart travels to that special place again. Every detail of a love story counts. Little parts of an experience that only a heart full of love knows how to keep. And there are places like this. Where every detail counts. Places that were made to contemplate, live, and love. Perfect scenarios that frame the most beautiful love story. Discover yours.


Nature in its purest state can be compared to any love story. The scents of lush green land and the lights of a clean, starry sky are splashes of color in a perfect setting. Let yourself be enchanted by the slopes of vineyards typically Portuguese, by the flower valleys with acres of romance that brush the horizon, by the warm and colorful plains that fill our hearts in a perfect symbiosis with nature. There is the scent of burning wood in the fire, there are the unobstructed views of green hills. And there is a place reserved for a love story to happen. Is it yours?


Original, exclusive, unpretentious, creative, relaxed, vibrant, bold, daring. So is every place where the most beautiful love story gains a unique glow. Right in the middle of the woods, in a museum, a winery, a greenhouse or in a historic building with centuries of tales and legends, an unforgettable day can escape the traditional with creativity, but also keeping all the emotion and quality of a perfect wedding. Imagine celebrating the most special day ever on a boat in the middle of Tejo river or in a house where the whole history of the city is written? Or even with a work of art as a backdrop? Yes? Then talk to us. Your day will be perfect.